Arabic-en Leditup - FAQ

What is LEDitUP’s product: LED furniture?
Where can the LEDitUP furnitures be used?
Are the LEDitUP products only for sale or is it possible to rent them for special days and events?
What is the niché of LEDitUP products?
Are the LEDitUP products strong against damages?
What are the scientific properties of LEDitUP products?
Can one LEDitUP product turn into different colors?
Is there any option of warranty or refundment?
What is customer error?
What is the source of energy for LEDitUP products?
Is there any discount in wholesale and institutional purchases?
Is VAT included in your prices?
How long does it take for the LEDitUP furnitures to arrive the address of the customer?
Why should I prefer LEDitUP products?
Is there any showroom to see your products?