Leditup - What is LED Furniture?




All LEDitUP products include remote
Control multiple products with one remote

Led furniture is the electrically shining furniture which has revolutionized design, decoration, architecture and which provides high degree of energy saving.

Leditup furnitures are made up of Epoksy (PE) which make them not to be damaged from sun, water, hot, rain and hits. Their resistance is very high because they are not made press cast but by bulge cast. They do not get fray in that sense.

The endurance of Led light bulbs is 60000 hours so they last much longer than normal lighting bulbs. This endurance time corresponds to a period of 30 years of usage. It amortizes its price by reducing the cost of energy through consuming 1w of electric energy compared to other lighting products.

Every LEDitUP product comes with its own remote control which can be used to change the color of light inside the furniture. There are varius color buttons on the remote control where you can change the color of furniture anytime you want. In addition to this, even with onw single remote control, you can change the color of all led furnitures in that space.

The source of energy of LEDitUP products is the electricity can be provided both by directly connecting the furniture’s adapter into the power socket and by batteries which can be charged for 3-4 hours and be used for 10-12 hours. Every LEDitUP product comes with its own adapter and batteries.

  • All LED products come with remote control
  • Change the color with the press of a button
  • Choose from 16 different colors
  • Control multiple pieces of furniture with one remote
  • Epoxy shell is weather and impact resistant
  • Ultra-bright LED bulb -- low energy consumption
  • 60,000 (30 year) hour bulb life
  • Long battery life (10-12 hrs)