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Our Vision and Values

Our vision as LEDitUP is reaching to the leading position in the market of led furnitures in Europe and in Turkey through an understanding of concentrating on customer gratification.

Leditup stands on the pivotal values of innovationism, emphaty, perfectionism, togetherness, unity, responsibility and creativity.

Leditup meets her customers’ needs and expectations by her products of universal quality and standards. Our company which gives priority to customer satisfaction provides permanency, reliability, dignity and continuity.

Leditup takes sincerity in her relations to customers as central and works on the principles that rest on mutual benefits, on justice and on good intentions. Leditup operates in accordance with legal and ethical rules.  Both before and after the shopping, Leditup is there in the need of customers by analyzing and solving their problems.

Leditup products address people’s aesthetical perceptions by their attractive beauty. They increase the glamour of the spaces and places where they are placed in. These innovative products create picturesque images in both outdoor and indoor designs of places.

LEDitUP Products – The Rising Trend on the World

Led Furniture made revolution in architectural field by spreading in Europe and America first. The sign of this phenomenon is the increasingly widespread usage of them in hotels, clubs. Bars, cafes, events, homes and gardens.

With the help of their intense light source as led lightings, led furniture produce dazzling and various colours in one product. This variety of choices and their beautiful brightness attract people’s attention. Led products provide the architectural designers with the opportunities of flexibility and novelty by their plurality of presentantions. Led products never create any disturbance in their environment because of their silent and fast systems of operation.

The performance criteria of led products can be summarized in optical efficiency, thermal minimality, lighting intensity and illumination colorfulness. Therefore, led products are magnificient and innovative not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of energy saving and environment friendliness. By their very property of being easily and quickly charged, they provide the users with easiness.

Beside their energy saving characteristic, led products are healthier for human health and environment in the sense that they do not contain any grey, mercury and carcinogen plastics. Thus, they are in accordance to the Green Energy principles.


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